I cannot say enough nice things about Abel and his photography. We both felt like finding the perfect photographer was the most important job in the whole pre-wedding process. After all, feeling comfortable with the photographer makes a huge difference in the pictures, and the pictures are what you will have to remember “your” day throughout the years, right?
By the time we found Abel, we had interviewed 4 photographers, but immediately agreed that we liked Abel the best. Instantly, our conversation was comfortable and my (now) husband and I both got a great feeling about him. Not to mention, we LOVED his work! We met Abel at his house and he talked to us about the different packages he offered, as well as, showed us the different types of albums and prints he can do. We liked some of the photographers we had met before him, but I really liked how Abel asked us a lot of questions. Instead of just talking about his experience and style, etc. He took the time to ask us what we were looking for and he even had us point out things that we liked and did not like in some pictures he had. You will leave feeling confident in his abilities and comfortable enough to be honest with him about your preferences.