Engagements are a traditional part of Weddings. During the engagement session couples get to express themselves and I capture those special moments in Pictures.

Another great advantage of engagement sessions with a Photographer is that you get to know the person who will be capturing images at your wedding and you get to ask special questions and test a few techniques that your photographer can show you to look “Great and Natural” at the same time.

My goal is to provide images where you look “Great and Natural” and love connecting with my customers in order to make them feel at ease. During the Engagement Session I also get to learn about you and your personalities. I see some couples that like more fun and love playful images, some others are more serious and like more formal images. Some couples like a more dreamy and romantic images.

In the Engagement Session I get to know what fits you better, and know these things in advance for your wedding.

Lovers Point Monterey engagement by Abel Soria Photography
Frequently Asked Questions

Generally the sooner the better, however if you will display a few images on your wedding reception; I would recommend to do it at least two months before the wedding day.

It is really up to you,

If you like the look of the Beach, we have a few options that we have used several times. Places as North as San Francisco, Half Moon Bay Area, and Monterrey and Santa Cruz in the South area of the Bay. We also have a few parks that we recommend.

Our Suggestions is to select a place that has meaning to you, Maybe the place where you both met the first time, or where you got engaged. I am sure that you have an idea, if not, we have suggestions.

The Engagement Session is the beginning of the celebration of the love you have for each other, so you should be the center of the attention.

For that purpose, I suggest to wear clothes that are simple and casual. Mostly solid colors, whites, blacks, pastels will always go well. My humble suggestion is not to wear clothes with to many colors, as they tend to get the attention.

Processing the images may take 2 to 4 weeks, so plan ahead to get them on time for your event.

“The overall experience with Abel was great from our first meeting”
Stacia and Steven