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We are located in the Heart of Santa Clara Valley San Jose, California. Adn serve our local Community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Engineers, Real Estate Agents, and any one that require a Professional headshot for LinkedIn, Company Website or personal purposes

What is headshot photography?

Headshot photography, corporate headshots or simply professional headshots is a specific area of portrait photography. The image shows only the head and shoulders of a person. The goal of the business headshots is to convey professionalism, confidence, success. We accomplish this through specific posing, setting, facial expression, and clothing. First impressions really count. Our goal is always to deliver the best professional headshots in the San Jose area or near San Jose (Santa Clara).

Our goal is to provide headshot photos that represent you best. By keeping the background and lighting simple, you will stand out in the image, I usually use white or gray background in my headshot studio, with and 2 or 3 lights. Or a simple accent light for outdoors. A Professional Headshot is an investment in yourself that will help you in your professional career and in your personal life.

Why do I need a headshot Photographer?

I know many people in the Bay Area like taking pictures and using their camera or cell phones, It is certainly a fun hobby. However, if your goal is to have a “Professional Look”, I can help you with that. All the technical things like focal length, shutter speed, other camera settings, studio flash, position of the lights, distance to the background, etc. are second nature to me, you do not have to worry about any of these technical things.

My goal is to get you the best professional headshots. I am just a phone call away.

Professional headshots tips:

When you are ready to get your professional headshots, think about the purpose of it:

If it’s your business headshots or executive headshots; think about your company branding, or what they usually use, you will most likely find similar images in your company website. This will tell you; how to dress, colors to use, background options etc. All this is good information for you and me. If you have questions, We will be happy to help you, just send us a message through the Contact page or down bellow.

If it’s for you; think of your profession. If you are a lawyer for example; you may want to use a formal suit. If you are a doctor or physician; you may want to use a white coat or apron. If you are a real estate professional; you may want to have modern real estate headshots wearing business casual attire in front of a nice estate. I am sure you get it.

The background maybe something related to your area of expertise, or area you want to explore. However, solid white or gray tone backgrounds always work in all professional headshots and can be more flexible to use.

In most cases I recommend my clients to avoid colorful, flowers or polka dots clothes and limited items of jewelry. Remember that it is all about you.

Our Audience:

Among our headshot photography customers we have Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, professionals fresh out of School, business people, real estate agents. Their applications are usually professional social media like LinkedIn, corporate website, blogs, direct mail, online publishing, email marketing, and more.

San Jose headshot photography near me of a young lawyer lady

According to an article published on LinkedIn on April 2021, 7 Tips For The Perfect Headshot by Glynns Thomas, CPP:

Hire a professional: A smartphone photo or an image snapped by a friend just can’t compare to a professional headshot. The quality of your headshot portrait should reflect the value of the job you are seeking. A senior managerial applicant isn’t doing themselves any favors with an amateur headshot.

Be open to possibility: You hire a professional photographer for their experience and skill in lighting, framing, and capturing your headshots. They know the best backgrounds, whether in the studio or outside, and how to pose you to get the best possible image. Their suggestions may seem odd at times or feel unusual to you, but trust them because they know exactly what they’re doing, and you’re sure to be thrilled with the results!

Keep your look simple: You want to look your best in your headshots, so it can be tempting to put on extra makeup and put more effort into your hair. Just be sure not to overdo it. After all, you want to look like yourself. My recommendation is to dress and do your hair and makeup as you would to go to a job interview or to visit your best client.

Avoid wild patterns and colors: In the same way you want to keep your hair and makeup simple, your outfit should be understated as well. Choose solid colors and stay away from loud patterns that will distract from your face. You want to look professional and intelligent. Keep your clothing choices timeless to ensure you can keep using your headshots for the next couple of years.

Practice your smile: You may feel ridiculous trying out different expressions in the mirror, but doing so can help you loosen up before your headshot session. Try big smiles and small ones, with teeth and without. But don’t stress about it as I’ll coach you through different expressions for each shot. The most important thing is your natural smiles and we’ll spend a little time relaxing and even have a good time!

Clean those glasses: This can have a huge effect on your images. If you wear glasses, be sure to clean them right before your session to get rid of any dust or fingerprints that may show up in your photos.

Just relax: Easier said than done, I know. But if you get nervous in front of the camera, you’re not alone! Almost everyone I photograph doesn’t feel comfortable having their photo taken. The good thing is, I don’t bite! Just take a deep breath, smile, and try to relax. I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable and help you get the headshots you want.

Cost of Professional Headshots

1-3 People Outdoors

$200Per person
  • 30 Minutes per person
  • Local Park in South San Jose
  • One image fully retouched per Person
  • Additional retouched image $50
  • Website Gallery to select Images

1-4 People in Studio

$250Per person
  • 30-40 minute Session
  • Photographers Studio
  • One image fully retouched per person
  • Additional retouched image $50
  • White or tones of gray options for background Other options available
  • Website Gallery to select images

4-28 People on Location

$150Per Person + $400 Set Up Fee
  • 10-20 Minutes per person
  • On Location
  • One image fully retouched per person
  • Additional retouched image $50
  • white or tones of gray options for background
  • Onsite space required for session
  • Website Gallery to select Images

*All professional headshot photos are previewed for your selection via online secured gallery. Delivery is around 3 to 10 business days after the session

Professional Headshot Photos
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