How many brides ever know what they’re doing when they are planning their own wedding? You just know what you want, what you like and above all, what you DON’T want. On my search for a wedding photographer, the number 1 thing i wanted was a good vibe.

I found Abel Soria Photographer via “Here Comes the Guide”. When I met Abel, he was super friendly, attentive and did research on the venue even before meeting up with us. I was adamant on having a lot of candid shots, making sure that the fun atmosphere was captured. I understand I needed all the traditional shots in there, too.

A few days before the wedding, I had no schedule in place, no shots list, nothing like that. With Abel’s help, we were able to plan everything out quickly and efficiently. His experience really showed right then and there.

Day of the wedding, Abel got through the shots quickly (the weather was HOT HOT HOT!!!). He has a knack for getting people together quickly, getting shots done and is a ninja with the candid shots. He got all the shots I was hoping for and more. I am very happy with Abel’s photography. I highly recommend him for any event, not just weddings.

Minty and Sean