DSLR Booth Better than the IPAD Booth?

Is the DSLR Booth is better than Ipad Booth..? This is a question that I get very often. Over all I can tell you that yes DSLR provides much better quality images. Here a few points that explain my answer; The Sensor: The DSLR Booth has a DSLR camera inside. These cameras use sensors that…

Announcing Photo Booth Services

Photo Booth Services…!!! We are happy to announce that starting January 2020, we are adding to our services a nice looking Open Air Photo Booth. Our Booth is loaded with the latest in technology including Canon DSLR cameras, professional studio flashes and much more. We feel that it will be e great addition to our…

Moira and Jeff

Congratulations Moira and Jeff…!!! We had a great day with Moira and Jeff doing their Wedding Photography. It was so much Fun. The beautiful venue was The Enchanted Gardens of Almaden, and the awesome Wedding Coordinator was Marcia Coleman Joyner. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria Photography Flowers by The Wild Geranium

Bonnie and Michael

Congratulations Bonnie and Michael…!!! The Wedding of Bonnie and Michael was at the Hotel Valencia in Santana Row. We went for a walk in the streets of Santana Row to take a few images of memorable places. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria

Autumn and Brandon

Fairview Crystal Springs Wedding of Autumn and Brandon Autumn and Brandon got married at Fairview Crystal Springs Golf Course. Intimate event with close family and friends. We enjoyed being with great friends who referred us to this gorgeous couple. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria

Liz and Neil

Congratulations Liz and Neil…!!! Liz and Neil got married at Mountain Winnery. Wonderful view of the South Bay from the Saratoga Hills.¬†Family and friends came from all over the USA to be with this lovely couple. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria Flowers by the Wild Geranium, Lindsay always delivers amazing flower arrangements

Nataly and Jose

Congratulations Nataly and Jose…!!! Nataly and Jose got married at San Leanders Catholic Church, San Leandro, and the celebration was also in San Leandro with Mexican Dancers. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria

Michelle and Tom

Congratulations Michelle and Tom…!!! Michelle and Tom¬†got married at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. It was a bright and sunny beautyful day, 10 minutes from South San Jose. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria. We featured aerial shots without using Drones.

Geraldine and Eli

Congratulations Geraldine and Eli…!!! Geraldine and Eli had their wedding celebration at Hotel Valencia in Santana Row. We also had images of them at the woods, images coming soon. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria

Kerry and Ben

Congratulations Kerry and Ben..!!! Kerry and Ben had their wedding celebration at Long Branch Saloon in Half Moon Bay. Which is a country western style ranch in the South Half Moon Bay area. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria