Moira and Jeff

Congratulations Moira and Jeff…!!! We had a great day with Moira and Jeff doing their Wedding Photography. It was so much Fun. The beautiful venue was The Enchanted Gardens of Almaden, and the awesome Wedding Coordinator was Marcia Coleman Joyner. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria Photography Flowers by The Wild Geranium

Liz and Neil

Congratulations Liz and Neil…!!! Liz and Neil got married at Mountain Winnery. Wonderful view of the South Bay from the Saratoga Hills.¬†Family and friends came from all over the USA to be with this lovely couple. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria Flowers by the Wild Geranium, Lindsay always delivers amazing flower arrangements

Michelle and Tom

Congratulations Michelle and Tom…!!! Michelle and Tom¬†got married at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. It was a bright and sunny beautyful day, 10 minutes from South San Jose. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria. We featured aerial shots without using Drones.

Tracy and Jim

Congratulations Tracy and Jim Tracy and Jim got Married at the San Ramon Golf Club in San Ramon, Beautyful celebration, they look very happy together. The weather was great and the Sunset provided beautiful colors for their evening formal portraits. Wedding Photography by Abel Soria, we featured areal shots without using drones.